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Rules & Regulations

Hello and thank you for joining The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database. Before you join and start surfing, I feel it is important that you read The Rules first. Not only will these rules enlighten you as to the purpose of this Resource, and edify you as to its guidelines, but it will also help you understand the board’s full functionality which will enable you to get more out of it.

The Goal::
The goal here is to set a new standard for discussing our favorite breed, both in the level of content as well as the level of conduct. It is unfortunate that some of the more popular message boards out there have absolutely no standards for basic decency, to the extent that anyone can say or do anything they want, which invariably leads to mayhem. No reasonable or civilized person is going to be able to enjoy himself in a climate of pandemonium and mayhem. If that is your thing, then keep walking, as there are already low class forums in place for people like you. However, if you’re really looking for good bulldog information and a nice place to be, then you have found the right place! The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database welcomes bulldog fanciers from all walks of life, but it asks that each of you hold yourself to a higher standard while visiting here. Conduct yourself as if the world is watching you, because it is. Conduct yourself as if the people who judge this breed do so by the type of people who own them, because they do. Realize that the better you conduct yourself as an owner of this breed as a whole, the better it reflects upon the breed, because this is true.

Rules for Joining::
Because other forums in the past have suffered through the abuse of “multiple handles” and “multiple accounts” in the past, I have made some rules for joining:

Rule 1: You may only sign-up for this board once (you may not have “multiple accounts”);
Rule 2: No “multiple users” per one account either (if “you” sign up for an account, then only “you” may post here under that name/handle--your friends will have to create their own accounts);
Rule 3: Anyone caught using multiple accounts, or letting “other people” use their account, will IMMEDIATELY lose their subscription (no exceptions and no refunds), as I am very serious about this;
Rule 4: You may not advertise “your friend’s” dogs at stud or for sale either. Again, I do not run a charity. If your friends want to advertise, they can pay to get in here like everyone else;
♦ If you like what this site offers, then please RECOMMEND it; don’t steal from me and give it away;
Rule 5: Once you sign up under a chosen handle, your may not alter it, so think well before you decide what your handle is going to be--or if you would just prefer to use your real name/initials;
Rule 6: Anyone caught purposely removing pedigrees, or photos of dogs, will be banned permanently, period. No refunds; no second chances; you’re gone;
Rule 7: There is also a duty to be accurate, and as complete as possible, when entering in pedigrees, and people who repeatedly fail to follow the guidelines can and will lose their privileges for doing so;
Rule 8: By contrast, anyone who really takes the time to add quality pedigrees/photos to this database will be amply rewarded.

In other words, we are trying to build a community here, where everyone gets to know everyone else, and where fellow bulldog fanciers can rely on each other for both good information as well as a pleasant exchange in doing so. It’s hard to do that if everyone keeps changing names or if 5 people are using the same name.

Database & Discussion Forum Rules::
This is a subscription Database Resource + Community Resource controlled by me, John A. Koerner II, aka: California Jack. Unlike some web forums, which are moderated by nameless entities who may not even know a thing about bulldogs (or, worse, be run by parties who might not have “your best interests” in mind), this forum is run by me on my server. There is no one I have to report to, and there is no one looking over my shoulder, “The Buck Stops Here.” Most of you experienced fanciers know who I am, but to those who are new I have been in these dogs since 1988, which is over 23 years, so I am no greenhorn nor am I some “questionable entity” in disguise. The leaders of this Resource are considered some of the most knowledgeable resources in the game. This means there is a lot of valuable information to be shared with the right group of fanciers, which means other sincere and dedicated dogmen and women. I used to run one of the original APBT message boards in the past, back in 1996, but my previous board(s) have been “public” boards on someone else’s server. This entire server and Resource is mine. It was constructed by me, file-by-file, and it is on my server. Setting this Database up has taken me a lot of time to get straight, to set the permissions, create the coding from scratch, to streamline the flow, and basically to “tweak” it to be the way I like it. It was a lot of work, and now it stands ready to serve the APBT community. However, to keep it the way I want it, I have some guidelines that I expect to be met:

Database Rules:
The power and versatility of this database rests entirely with the accuracy of the data entry. This means you are responsible for the data you put in here! If you are painstaking and thoughtful in your data entry, and if other members are too, this means all of the high-tech search features my brother and I have put in here will become invaluable to you (and to others!). However, if you half-ass all your data entry (misspell words, forget to put the apostrophe in peoples names, enter duplicate dogs because you’re not paying attention, etc.), then you are f***ing up all of my hard work, and ruining this Resource for everybody else, and I will NOT put up with this! Therefore, if you mess-up and create a duplicate dog, for example, then FIX IT YOURSELF! Make sure you read and follow ALL the guidelines, before you start entering dogs, or you will lose your privileges. Don’t come crying to me because you failed to read the instructions, because there will be no refunds for your failure to read/follow these rules ... when they are posted everywhere here, and even sent to your email/PM by default when you first register. So READ THEM! Because all it takes is one fool to enter-in bad data to ruin the functionality here, whereas if everybody takes the time to enter solid data into the database, then this Resource really will become “The Ferrari of ALL Databases!”

Forum Rules:
When participating with other members of the community in the Forum, The Golden Rule really applies, which is simply, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, speak to others as you would like them to speak to you: with respect. Even when you believe someone is wrong, or posting ignorant beliefs, try to find out why they’re thinking the way they do so you can help them. (You may ultimately find out that they were right and you were wrong!) Moderate degrees of playful slang and cursing during debates are okay, on a “Rated PG” level, but excessive slang, cursing, or unwarranted attacks on others, or any other kind of base & low-level conduct, will not be tolerated here. While this is not a church, and I surely am no saint, I do like to conduct myself with basic human dignity and I expect the people who visit here to conduct themselves accordingly as well. When everybody operates at this level, and treats each other with respect, it really does make the Forum a nice place to visit and exchange information.

This Database & Resource will not be taken down, ever, and ultimately it will stand as the definitive resource for “all things APBT.” I warmly and heartily welcome the active participation and input both from other knowledgeable fanciers, as well as from newer fanciers sincerely committed to traveling on the right path in these dogs.

Your first violation, you just receive a pleasant (and private) verbal warning. Your second violation, you get banned for a week to give you some time to stop and think about your level of conduct, or your sloppy data entry, after which you’re welcome back. The third violation is a strikeout, and you get banned period. Remember, this board represents an extremely valuable resource for everyone, so please think about that while you’re here. Try your best to make good positive contributions while you visit (rather than being sloppy or trying to detract), and you will never have to worry about a violation.

Customizing Your Experience::
Once you join up, the first thing I recommend that newcomers do (after reading this here thread) is personalize this board to your own tastes. This is the most powerful forum board and software that money can buy, with a lot of tools and gadgets for customization, so after registering and logging-in, familiarize yourself with the Settings on the top right section of the board. From there you can manage your Profile (from your signature, to your avatar image, to adding your website links, email, board settings, etc.). Not only can you adjust your time zone, notification settings, etc., but you can also change the entire Forum Appearance as well. By default, the color of this forum is set to dark, because the slate gray enhances the “immersive” effect of posted images ... however, sometimes the dark color can be hard on the eyes while reading text. So, if you would prefer a lighter overall color (white), you can can just click on the lower left corner of the board and instantly change the color to light! A light background makes it easier to read the text, though it’s not quite as nice for viewing images. These are only two Forum color options available right now, but I will add other options later as we go along. Take some time to look around here, and you will see various gadgets that you can tinker with (such as subscribing to interesting threads) that will further personalize the experience for you.

Open to Suggestions::
This Database may be “mine”, but ultimately it is our Resource, because if “you” aren’t enjoying your stay here then neither am I. By contrast, if you really are enjoying the board, and if you are actively participating and making the best use of it ... then so too am I ... which means (as with most things in life) it is a two way street. For this reason, I am open to suggestions on how to best manage this board, any style changes or topics that need to get discussed, which means your suggestions are always welcome. You may post your ideas in public (in the Welcome section), or you may PM them to me in private, it is your choice.

Moderators for Hire::
Ultimately, as this entire Resource grows in dimensions and scope over time, it will be impossible for me to find the time to moderate it effectively all by myself. Already I have had to add 2 Moderators and soon I will need to add still more. This may be a year or so away, or it may be in a few weeks, but eventually there will be too much going on here for even us to handle, as this Resource grows and grows over time. This means I am going to need some more quality volunteers as Moderators eventually. Candidates for Moderator will be 1) known dogmen/women; 2) knowledgeable about all aspects of this breed; 3) active, regular, participating members here on this forum; 4) be able to write well, expressing themselves clearly and precisely, and 5) fair and classy in their dealings with others. Therefore, keep this in mind as this Resource grows, and if you feel you would make a good candidate for Moderator, please let me know.

If you have any question, post them here.

In closing, I appreciate your coming to visit, I appreciate you taking the time to read all of these rules and suggestions, and (most especially) I sincerely appreciate your really trying to make a positive difference here by living up to the goals that I have set for this forum. You can be sure that I will try my best to live up to them as well. This game needs a positive stronghold to depend on, and what better place could there be than foundation concepts behind The Pit Bull Bible?