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Who Are We?
Welcome to this APBT Information Powerhouse

Before you make a decision to purchase any kind of Subscription Resource, it is important to understand who its leaders are. Unlike other resources, who are led by no-names with zero actual accomplishments in dogs, we fully and proudly display who comprise the leadership of our Database Community, so here we are in alphabetical order:

CA Jack, Administrator:
I have been ADBA-registered as Vise-Grip Kennels since August of 1990, so I have well over 20 years’ experience working with the APBT. During this time, I have bred winners, Champions (and/or producers of winners/Champions) in every state, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia—dogs that have won just about every ‘title’ that can be achieved in this sport (including BIS, GIS, POR, ROM, CH, GR CH, etc.)—so I know what it takes to produce World Class Bulldogs. Along the way, I have also authored 5 books (Dog Owners Save Money, California Jack’s Indispensable Tips, The Pit Bull Bible, The Hollingsworth Dogs, and The Dog Owner’s Little Black Book) ... I formerly published 2 magazines (The Pit Dog Revolution and The Healthy Bulldog) ... and I have also authored 3 DVD Tutorials (Breeding by Artificial Insemination, 20 Years of Breeding Secrets, and Feeding Raw), among many other contributions I have made to the breed, which now also includes this Database. I have been considered one of the best sources of good information about the APBT for many years now, and I feel these facts qualify me to lead a resource of this kind.

In other words, here at The Pit Bull Bible APBT Database, we try to select only qualified members to act as the leadership of this resource, names which are known all throughout the fraternity as well as who have a variety of expertise levels relevant to the breed. This means you (the Subscriber) are interacting with the best sources of information to be had—if you’re new or still learning—or competent peers if you too are at the top of your game. To be in an environment with leadership of this quality makes spending time here a far better (and more comfortable) experience than dealing with the nameless & questionable entities that lead some of the other websites.

In fact, if you are a Subscribed Member of this board, and if you have the interest and qualifications to act as a Moderator here too, we would love to hear from you :)

Thanks for reading.