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This is going to be the most valuable, continuously-growing database and resource of valuable information for you and your bulldogs. It is for Subscribed Members only. I am going to try to add a new article at least once a month, for the benefit of all Subscribed Members, but which I will announce here in public, so you’re sure not to miss it. Some weeks I won’t be able to finish an article, or some days I’ll have other stuff to do, but for the most part I will try my best to post at least ONE extremely-relevant article every month. This page here is designed to keep an accurate categorical record of these articles, so as to be a central resource for folks to refer to in order to “catch up” if they’ve been away for awhile. These are the articles I have created to date:

Bulldog History



Diseases & Parasites


External Parasites

Internal Parasites

  • ♦ Hookworm
  • ♦ Roundworm
  • ♦ Tapeworm
  • ♦ Whipworm

Health & Fitness

Diet & Nutrition

Drugs & Medicines

Geriatrics & Old Age

Kennel Management

Cleaning & Upkeep


Wound Management

Laws, History & Persecution




Athlete Management

Breeding Strategy

Note: This Information Powerhouse will never stop growing, and it will continuously be chronicled and categorized for easy reference. Remember, this site is for ALL of our benefit. By joining now you’re starting from the ground floor up, so make sure you support this effort with your Subscription, remember to encourage your friends to join, and keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss anything as we go along!