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    The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database is a peerless resource for bulldog fanciers all over the world.

    Don't be fooled by superficial look-alikes: no one has a World Class Database Infrastructure like we do--no one.

    Not only are we the most advanced, versatile, multi-dimensional and complete online APBT Database on the planet, but we are continuously developing this Resource, in scope and in depth, and we will continue to do so forever. There is no APBT Resource like this anywhere.

    It is all in the infrastructure

    The way we have set up everything, with every single "trait" or "title" entered separately, with each characteristic stored on different data tables, we are able to allow you, as a Subscribed Member, to conduct an infinite number of statistical searches that no other APBT database is set up to provide.

    All other APBT pedigree sites are superficial jokes by comparison

    In order to enjoy the full benefits of this Database, there is a $30 yearly membership subscription, which will grant you access not just to ((( The Ultimate Pedigree Database ))) ... which provides you with the Statistical Features and high-end Search Engines previously-mentioned ... but you also have access to our private, first-class Discussion Forum.

    The founder of this site, California Jack, was one of the truly elite sources of APBT information on the planet: all other APBT websites, and every single magazine that has ever been in print over the last 30 years, have ALL utilized Jack's articles, teachings, and web posts (with or without his permission), so why not just go to The Source of the best APBT information on the planet? ... which is where you are now

    Not only that, because Jack is the author of The Pit Bull Bible (the best, most all-encompassing APBT book ever written), you also have access to his unparalleled information, for free, in the form of various articles, video tutorials, drug indexes, etc.). The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database is simply the place where serious dogmen and women come to discuss their favorite subject: BULLDOGS, in a drama-free and congenial atmosphere.

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